New European Portuguese series on Netflix - Gloria


Those of you with a Netflix acct may wish to check out a new series, Gloria, produced in association with RTP. Here’s the ad for it -

We’ve watched 2 episodes- it is great!

Hope thishelps,



Thanks alot Mr Duffy. How can those of us that don’t currenctly live in Europe watch Gloria ?

Great advice!
I saw the serial the last days and liked it very much!. I saw it German with portuguese subtitles…
Perhaps i will look it a second time in portuguese as an exercise - it’s tricky because parts are in russian and russian with portuguese subtitles is not the best choice for a foreigner​:laughing::joy:

In Germany I saw it in Netflix.

Thank you very much for this, great show.

Netflix and AppleTV often offer Portuguese audio and/or subtitles for many different shows. Just go to the subtitles menu, and choose which audio and subtitles you prefer.