Netflix films with Brazilian portuguese audio

Hi, Prompted by recent PP email I have tried the above and quite like the idea; realistically, how different is brazilian portuguese and would hearing it, on balance, be a positive or a negative thing?

Hi Pat. I’ve watched some very interesting Brasilian TV series on netfix which are worth watching for their own sake, but the language (to me) is totally different to European Portuguese (accent and grammar).

For exampIe, I took a 2 year night class locally with a Brasilian teacher of Portuguese but she spoke totally differently to a Portuguese lady who gave me some private lessons. When the Brasilian lady went to live in Porto it took her a week to acclimatise to the language!
Within Brasil there also seem to be great variations in how Portuguese is spoken.

I see you are a French speaker so, as a comparison, I’d say the difference between Brasilian and European Portuguese is way beyond the difference between French in Quebec and that in France.

Personally I wouldn’t watch non-Brasilian films dubbed in Brasilian Portuguese. The reason I joined PP is that Duolingo is hopeless for Portuguese because it is Brasilian.

Hope this helps.

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My spouse is Brazilian, so I have heard lots of Brazilian Portuguese! It sounds very different from European Portuguese, and inflection/intonation, grammar and vocabulary often are different. I started learning Brazilian Portuguese using Memrise, but then decided to switch to European Portuguese. Even my spouse sometimes has trouble understanding the latter. It’s fun to listen to the Brazilian version sometimes, but I would focus entirely on the European. Just my two cents… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree. Although I have been to Brasil a few times, I am most often, 3/4 times a year in Portugal (well until Corona-V!)
I wanted to learn Euro Portuguese and because Duolingo is also awful I took the decision to pay and am so pleased I did.
The last sentence of your post Patrick motivated this response…I wish that you had simply missed off the last six words!!!
Yesterday I had an “accept” message from Duo confirming my challenge to one of their appalling translations. That is three years after I drew their attention to it. Pathetic.

There’s a good Netflix show called 3% that is in Brazilian Portuguese (not dubbed).

I think it’s helpful to understand the differences between the two and it’s interesting from a ‘learning about language’ perspective. Also, there are many Brazilians who live in Portugal, so you do hear it occasionally.

That said, for me personally, listening to Brazilian Portuguese gets very confusing, especially when trying to work on European Portuguese pronunciation. Maybe for someone who is basically fluent, it wouldn’t have much effect, but for someone who is still learning and trying to get the pronunciation / common usage down, it adds an extra challenge to differentiate the two.

Thank you all, I get the picture, I’ll stay with the PP team.
I especially appreciated the comparison between Québécois French and what I cal French-French; one to one I could cope in Québec but was lost in general conversation, whereas in France ‘on est dans le bain’.

Molly, thank you, but an extra challenge would not be what I need right now lol. Amazon Prime/Video is good for Portuguese sound tracks.

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Pat, I lived in Brazil for two years. Now that I am trying to learn European Portuguese, I stay as far away from Brazilian Portuguese as possible. I had absolutely no idea how different the two are. I ended up on this website because there is such a focus on pronunciation. The spoken difference between the two versions of Portuguese makes it seem like two completely difference languages to a beginner like me.

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