Need and neccessity

Preciso de/ Tenho de/que ir ao multibanco. Which is the most grammaticly correct and which will gain you the most street cred? (And possibly get you mugged!)
Can you use Preciso que…?

Apologies if this is covered in a unit that I havn’t yet reached

and how dever and obrigar may fit into this as well…

@davidcowling949, these three options are fine to use:

  • Preciso de (I need to…) ir ao multibanco
  • Tenho de (I have to…) ir ao multibanco
  • Tenho que (I have to…) ir ao multibanco -> a purist would only say ter de here, but at this point in time, it’s fine to use ter de and ter que interchangeably. More on that here: Ter de vs. ter que

In this case, street cred depends exclusively on your account balance!

@stephencanthony, could you expand on your question? Maybe with examples of what you’re having trouble with?

I think I was getting at the sense of a duty or obligation to go to the bank, rather than a simple desire.

Right. Well, the sentences above point to a need or obligation to go. But whether we must or we want to, we might use any of them anyway (or maybe that’s just me… anything I simply want often becomes something I have to do/get!).
If you want to expressly say that it’s just something you wish to do, you can use the verb querer.

  • Quero ir ao multibanco.
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