Movin to Lisbon - best neighborhood for expats

I am from the US and I am planning on moving to Lisbon in June of 2024. I am interested in any advice on the best neighborhoods for expats in Lisbon. Somewhere that I can survive while trying to learn Portuguese. Somewhere that has lots of bar and restaurants to meet people.

At this point I know nothing, so any advice would be helpful. I will continue to ask more questions as I become more knowledgeable.


Olá, @david10! A quick Google search will already show you so much information & tips online that I don’t think I can significantly add to it. The best choice for you will depend, among other things, on your budget, preferred means of transport, distance from work (if applicable), etc. I can just say that Lisbon proper is not a huge city and nothing is ever really that far away. Restaurants are in abundance everywhere, but nightlife is concentrated in areas such as Intendente, Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré, Santos, or Alcântara. English is widely spoken and there’s people from all over the world coming into the city at any time.

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Obrigado for the response. What I am looking for is a 2 bedroom apartment for under 2000 euros, somewhere that I don’t need a car, an area where I can go out at night, grab a seat at a bar, get some dinner and meet new people. Somewhere I can walk to the market and easily assemble the ingredients for a nice dinner. Somewhere I can get a dog and there are nice areas to walk her.

I hope I am not asking for too much.


Hey there David10! May I suggest that you look into Parque das Naçoes which is slightly to the north on the Red Line of the Metro (Oriente and Moscavite). It’s a newer area that used to be pretty dumpy but was completely transformed for the Expo '98. It’s super walk/dog walk friendly, has lots of restaurants, shopping, and is also where the Aquarium and Altice Arena are located. It’s not the “party zone,” but that stuff is easy enough to reach by Metro or even Uber. We lived at 96 Alameda dos Oceanos for a while before buying a house in Évora, and I loved it there. I might add that it could be a challenge to find a 2-bedroom flat for under 2000 Euros… ours was 2500 and rents continue to go up, but I guess nothing is impossible… Good luck and enjoy the process!!!

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Hi David,
I moved to Lisbon a couple months ago (November).

Sorry, but I haven’t learned enough about the city to give you a good answer. I can say that I agree with Mike. Parque das Naçoes is a nice newer area along the river with green space, restaurants and shopping. I go there for shopping and to eat. It may not have the character of center Lisbon but it has green space.

I live in Moscavide. It’s a much older and more working class neighborhood. I like it very much but would only recommend it if you’ve visited and know it’s the kind of neighborhood you like. There is not much green space for my dog but she manages.

That being said, please get in touch with me when you get here. My wife and I are looking for new friends.


Thanks for the info. I don’t want to own a car. Is this an area where I could do everything I need to do on foot or public transportation?


Ola David,
I’d say so. The area looks a bit suburban but is very walkable. The Oriente metro and train stations will take you to other parts of Lisbon and Portugal.
I don’t know what rents are running and other parts of Lisbon may be more fun, but this area is a pretty safe place to start.

Personally, I am very happy near Igreja Benfica. It is a neighborhood with a bit of normalcy to it, quiet and green, with excellent transportation connections. The park nearby is wonderful.