Motivation when studying Português

Hi everyone

I guess what keeps me motivated is setting short-term goals for each week or month.
It’s important to set only realistic ones and actually write them down. It’s very rewarding when you tick them off your list…:slight_smile: And it gives me this structure and motivates me more then a long-term goal of speaking fluent Portuguese.

For example for one week my goals are:

  • listen to 2 podcasts
  • have a chat with somebody in Portuguese
  • read a piece of news in Portuguese
  • practice verbs on PP for at least 5 mins
  • practice for a few minutes every day vocabulary using one of the apps

Hi dorville 1!

I like your choice of descriptive language! I always enjoy colorful thoughts. It is okay to use words like “big mouth” and “social animal!” Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

You have run into the same problem I have with Portuguese, namely, poor pronunciation. People who grow up in Portugal learn everything from the ground up. Those of us who visit, don’t have those advantages. So we struggle.

I use a few tools to help me out, but listening to fast language is out. It is useful to see if I have improved any, but does not help with understanding.

I recently acquired a language buddy. It was a surprise, but he is a good fit. We will see how it works! We started with the weather forecast, which is useful. Next will come restaurant conversations. In other words, I am structuring my learning to fit and help me! have no intention of doing social stuff. Too complex!

Cristina Magazine.

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That’s her! That link is actually to her blog, which she also manages on top of her printed magazine. She has to be the most popular woman in Portugal at the moment.

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