Missing verb apetecer........?

Hi All

I noticed the verb apetecer is not listed in the verbs section although it seems relatively common in the shorties/ podcasts ?

I was just curious if it was an unintended omission or if it’s somewhat complicated like haver ?


Olá, @dbuachalla. The verbs section has a selection of hundreds of relevant verbs, but not all of them, so you will occasionally come across something that isn’t there. I suggest the website Conjugação, for example, for other verbs you might need to look up. Portuguese has a crazy amount of verbs :slight_smile:

With apetecer, it’s true that it’s similar to the verb haver (when used as a main verb), because even though apetecer can be conjugated in all persons, in practice, we generally only use it impersonally, with the third person forms.

For example:

  • Apetece-me um café. (I feel like having coffee/I want coffee) -> In sentences like this, which is usually how we use this verb, instead of the subject, we are the indirect object (-me = a mim [eu]). The direct object (um café) is the thing we want.
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