Methods or tools for young kids

My wife and I have recently arrived in Portugal with our 3 kids (3, 5, and 6). My wife and I are using PracticePortuguese to help us get up and running with the language, but we would love to find something for our kids before they start school here in September. They are being home schooled during Covid-19.

Does anyone have advice for learning material suitable for young kids? They already speak English, Russian, and Dutch (the joys of a multilingual household), so we’re okay if the material requires reading in any of these languages, but our preference would be something that uses Portuguese immersion.

The BBC has some apparently good material, but it’s Brazilian Portuguese. I’m not sure how much of a problem this is practically, but I was hoping to find something specific to European Portuguese.

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With those young ages, maybe something non-tech. Some early learning books from a good book store.



They aren’t at a point where they can learn something like that on their own, and our pronunciation is far from ideal right now, so we aren’t able to read Portuguese words to them without teaching them poor habbits.

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Hi. I am using a series of workbooks for children for myself. You can buy the version with an audio CD so that they can learn the correct pronounciation.

Timi - Portuguese course for children: Livro do Aluno + CD 1 (A1)

ISBN- 10: 9897520953

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Estudo em casa by RT is a great app. It is suitable for all ages and totally immersive.


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The description for Timi looks good, but I can’t see any examples of the internal pages of the book. @Maggie, do you have any experience with Timi, and if so could you elaborate on it a bit please?

Sorry, I don’t as this is the first I’ve heard about the course. @dowsonmichelle Can you tell us more about what the course?