Menu vs ementa - are they the same?

Is menu and “ementa” interchangeable? For example:
O menu caro é o melhor de todos.
O ementa caro é o melhor de todos.

@ricabennett, they are interchangeable synonyms, but each word has a different gender. Menu is masculine, ementa is feminine. So the sentences would be:

  • O menu caro é o melhor de todos
  • A ementa cara é a melhor de todas

Apart from that, the sentence reads slightly strange, at least for me. I would expect a mention to a specific item on the menu, rather than the whole menu :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarifying this. That sentence was in lesson 9 (Best and Worst) of Comparative and Superlative Adjectives (A2).

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You’re welcome, @ricabennett!