Mastering Flashcards?


Just out of curiosity, when can I expect to start seeing some of my smart review cards move into the “Mastered” category? How does the algorithm decide when it’s time?


I would like to add to this question and ask PP to provide a more detailed description of how the spaced repetition works. For each category (including Mastered): how long are the repeat intervals, how many correct repeats are needed to move to the next category, what re-categorisation happens when a sentence is marked as incorrect etc. Indeed it would be helpful if the review card itself shows what will happen to this particular sentence if it is marked as correct or as incorrect. This will allow the learner to fine tune their learning focus. For example you might get everything correct except the gender and choose to mark it as correct knowing that it will be returned for testing again in the reasonably near future etc. ie absorbing genders over a longer period.

I believe that spaced repetition is the most efficient way to absorb so much information. Smart Review is the best implementation that I have ever seen. Thank you so much - I would never be able to learn this language without it !

Incidentally I also use spaced repetition for listening practice both with Shorties and other material. It’s quite easy to implement using a spreadsheet with a row for each item including a link to the material, an adjustable repetition frequency and a calculation of the date it should next be reviewed. It’s best done with Macros but the functionality can be achieved with copying and pasting the values only from the calculation of the next review date.

Thank you for such awesome material !



Hi, I think the flash cards are brilliant, I have no idea how often I have to get them right to move them to a different category but I generally don’t mind. I use them almost every day, they are amongst the first things I do each day. I am pretty tough with myself so if I get the gender wrong or miss out a definite article etc I usually mark myself as incorrect, so it probably takes ages to move from one category to the next. One of the advantages of taking this line is that it does make me concentrate on pronunciation too, including the rhythm and cadences within the phrase.
I am impressed with the idea of using spaced repetition with the shorties but know that would overwhelm me.
Thanks team for a great learning resource

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Haha it’s not that scary - it’s just diarising time to study them. Listening practice is important to be able to understand what people are saying to you. But it is so difficult to give up precious learning time on units to make room for it, especially since it is so unstructured and with little immediate feedback. Each to our own I guess.