Luta com tarte, tarde, e torta

Both DeepL and Google Translate have a terrible time distinguishing between “a tarde” and “a tarte”. In Portugal, can I just say “a torta”? The “tarte” is quite frustrating.

In European Portuguese, tarte and torta describe different things. A tarte is usually a round/circular dessert. A torta is elongated, wrapped around itself, with all the filling contained inside. If you sometimes see the two words used interchangeably, it might be because in Brazilian Portuguese, they use torta for what the Portuguese would call a tarte. But in Portugal, ideally, you should use each word distinctly.




Muito obrigado pela explicação! Preciso de usar os dois, mas de maneiras differentes. Em Brasil há a torta de maça a tarde. Em Portugal, há a tarte de maça a tarde. Caramba. OK. Eu vou pedir um bolo de chocolate embora.