Listen to La Dolce Rita!

If you wish to combine your interest in Portuguese baking with your need to develop your ability of understanding spoken Portuguese, you should follow La Dolce Rita on Youtube. Listening to Rita, chef de pastelaria, is somewhat exhausting, but also very inspiring! :sweat_smile:


Obrigado, Anna!
Recentemente, minha mãe e eu tentàmos a cozinhar arroz doce (com a receita de Tia Maria, em ingles - foi delicioso!). Mas agora, preciso de desafiar nos à cozinhar alguma coisa com a receita e ajuda da La Dolce Rita, em português. Espero que não incendiemos a casa. :rofl:

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Boa sorte! :grin:

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Do you know if this is European Portuguese?
I just clicked on one of her videos and she mentions Brazil a lot.

Hello, @dennettmand

Well, she is Portuguese, so I guess she speaks European Portuguese. According to her list of qualifications, she has studied and worked in Spain, in the United States, in Italy and in the United Kingdom. Her full name is Rita Nascimento and her profession is chef de pastelaria, so you can easily google her.

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Yes, this is European Portuguese :slight_smile:


Here is how to make Pastel de nata. The lady has a very clear voice.