Lesson repeats and repeats

I’m working on the food lessons. #4 in particular. I could never make it through without being sent back to the beginning again and again, maybe 5 times before I gave up for tonight and went on to #5 only to encounter the same thing. It was getting VERY not fun at all. Has this happened to anyone else?

There are system problems at PP I fear. Many of my lessons which were 100% have now dropped to randomly lower levels. I know that PP are on the case.

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Sorry @djcpolandand @mac.cummings. We pushed some new foundational code yesterday and some unanticipated problems have come up. We are scrambling with support and our programmer is working late to try to fix it, since we really don’t want anyone’s study time to be interrupted any longer than necessary. Thanks for your patience, and please reach out to us on our contact form if you continue running into issues so we can make things right! (Mac has already done this, obrigado!)

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That is good to hear. It worked much better today.

Yup! We are cautiously optimistic that the problems are resolved, and we will be keeping a close eye on support tickets all day just in case anything else pops up. We do have some explaining to do about small changes to scoring, so we’ll be wrapping up a newsletter to go out soon! Thanks again for your patience and support :slight_smile:

I’ve been having the same issues with my Units percentage amounts. All of my previous percentages have been significantly reduced. The issue was momentarily fixed a few days ago but now it’s back to the same incorrect amounts. I’m hoping a permanent fix is on the way.

Hi @rsphoto - sorry for the confusion with this! It’s actually related to some changes we’ve made to prepare for a new feature we’ll be launching soon. The percentage scores are now based on completing not only the Lessons, but the Learning Notes, too. If you see any Units that seem to have dropped, go through each Learning Note for that Unit and mark it as complete (button near the bottom of the note). That should bring the score back up! We are working on a newsletter and blog post to explain the changes in more detail, so keep an eye out for that. If you have any other issues that pop up, feel free to reach out at help@practiceportuguese.com

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