Learning with stories

From the past I’m used to learn language with stories related to the vocabulary and grammar that needs to be covered, rather than single unrelated sentences. Somehow I feel that it’s a good way to remember, because things have a context.

Hi, @samhitta7! :slightly_smiling_face: I wonder if you have tried the podcasts and shorties? These are stories that include the related vocabulary/grammar/phrases/expressions. Plus, these give the learner a chance to develop their listening and comprehension skills. There is a huge number of these “stories” available for practicing. I find them quite challenging, but that’s good for me! If you haven’t already, give them a try!

Thank you so much David. Yes I’ve tried. For me it would be better to build up the learning with a story rather than have one in the end to check what I’ve learned. All these random sentences are very difficult to remember…xxx