Learning Portuguese Workbook


Can anyone recommend a (physical) workbook for learning Portuguese?


I’ve been through many different workbooks. The latest that I just finished I liked the best but I didn’t start with the earlier ones, Português em Foco. The other workbooks are in the other thread: Best Portuguese Textbooks - #55 by mcguirejajm

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I’ll share your suggestions with my wife. She likes physical books so much more than virtual ones.
Thank you,
Gary :rose::pray:

Hi Gary, here’s a link to a lesson about various workbooks from Pedro and Portuguesepedia, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt9lB1JZfOs&t=1s
I have tried one from Routledge - An Essential Grammar, which I actually disliked, it was very difficult to work out their indexing so nearly impossible to trawl for information.
All the best.

Thank you for the link and comment Andrew :relaxed: