Kudos! Obrigada. etc

I have used PP for 15 months now. The site is amazing and continues to improve. This has been the key to learning Portuguese for me. I am currently in a B1-B2 class and working with a native speaker to practice conversation. I cannot believe the wealth of material I consumed on the PP site, your dialogs, learning notes, the units of course, and the flash cards and the downloadable smart review. All of these are great features that have improved over the time I have been using PP.

It is hard to give up my membership but I think I have got all I need to continue on my journey to speaking Portuguese comfortably. I took the CIPLE test and I feel comfortable starting conversations in Portuguese, but understanding natives is still a challenge.

Thank you to the staff and all your help. Especially Molly who answered my questions and investigated bugs.



Thank you so much for this lovely feedback, @chris.mcnally! Hope your Portuguese journey continues to be great! Feel free to keep using our resources as needed, including the forum :slight_smile: