Keyboard shortcut for "back to previous line" in shorties?

Apologies if this is not the right place for this request.

I’m one of these weird old fashioned folks who prefer to use a keyboard rather than a mouse. I’ve noticed that on the videos with transcripts, the “space bar” pauses the video, and “left arrow” key moves the video back to the start of the previous sentence. It’s really great for getting a repeat of a sentence I didn’t quite understand.

However, on the shorties, while “space” works as a pause/un-pause, the “left arrow” key does nothing. I’ve tried various other keys at random, but it doesn’t appear to be possible to control the shorties (other than pause) via the keyboard.

Does anyone have any tricks for how to reverse the sound on the shorties (without using the mouse)?

Alternatively dear admin team: Given that the shorties have auto-advance for the transcript just like the videos do, might it be possible to copy the “rewind a sentence”-code across to the shorties-player?

I use an Android device to listen to the Shorties. It doesn’t offer a “repeat the last sentence” option, just a rewind by 10s option. A replay last sentence would be a very useful feature.

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