Keeping motivation up

Hello everyone,

I wanted to find out if anyone has any tips for staying motivated to learn? I’ve been struggling a little recently.

It also doesn’t help that my Smart Review numbers just seem to keep growing. I spend about an hour most days on learning and a bit longer on weekends.

Any help would be appreciated :blush:



I totally understand where you’re coming from…I posted this same question/comment several months ago. So many people had great suggestions and a lot of them worked for me (at different times). The one I found that worked best for me is to have short term and a long term goal. Even if the short term is to do 1 lesson per unit a day. It’s okay if it’s a small amount. I think we are getting burned out, thinking that so many of us had extra time to devote to language learning with the Shelter in Place orders. I feel we’ve placed too much upon ourselves not realizing that it was creating more harm than good. It’s okay to step back a bit. Listen to music, watch tv-(RTP has great shows), RTP Estudo Em Casa is a GREAT tool that I used (I still am) that RTP/Portugal put out during the Stay at Home orders for the kids in school. I think the most important thing to consider is why did you start learning portuguese in the first place? Is that reason still valid? I hope this helps.


I agree - this resource is beyond amazing.There’s an android app as well.

For me, it’s variety to stay motivated. Sometimes its EEC, other times, watching old Jose Saravia history episodes (youtube) or Visita Guiada; sometimes watching RTP 3 às 10 noticias, sometimes reading, sometimes conversing. sometime grammar exercises… as long as its something every day…


I have found that linking up with a buddy works well, a little competition and dialogue with a co-learner is great.

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I watch occasionally Jornal da Tarde on RTP.
Listen portuguese music on Spotify.
Now I have started collect phrases, adverbs, words and prepositions in the list I keep in Google Drive. When I have spare time I add content to that list. It is easy to browse when you in a place you have to wait.

Instead of browsing Facebook feed I have started to play with that Google Drive sheet.

Happy studying!
Bons estudos!


I forgot to mention that I ordered some ”bandas desenhadas” of Asterix!1&Search=asterix&sft=1&sa=0

Web shop asks a NIF number but a passport number worked well for that in order so submit an order.


@taisto.junkkari, that Google sheet is a great idea :slight_smile:

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As bandas desenhadas já chegaram! Que alegria.

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It is actually quite rewarding because you have to try find explanation e.g for phrases in several language. In my case I try to translate to Finnish and English and it is not always easy.

By using the Drive sheet it is always accessible and can be share with a friend.

Here is a sample picture - I am sure there are errors… :grinning:


Nice! At least in that sample, all the translations seem accurate in context. If I ever learn another language, I’ll borrow your idea :sunglasses: Also, enjoy those Asterix books!

Hi Hawa, hang in there! Here are a few recommendations from an article we put in the Portugal News recently: How to Stay Motivated Learning Portuguese and a related, but more detailed article here: 2020 European Portuguese Study Plan

Also I completely understand feeling discouraged by the Smart Review numbers. As a learner, I’m in the same situation. It may not feel like it, but the numbers fluctuating is actually a good thing because it means the phrases are getting activated in your memory as they should be. It sounds like you are putting the time in and that’s amazing! I know it’s hard, but try to ignore the number for now and just keep doing what you’re doing.

Also, here’s a guide to how Smart Review works just to help explain why the number goes up: What is Smart Review?

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Thanks everyone that has answered, the advice is appreciated.

I learned most of the little french I remember from Astreix e Obelix comics! IIRC it was pretty good for vernacular (french).

I really like this. It’s clean/simple, easy to read, and you can easily organize the categories. I hope it’s okay with you, I’m going to start doing this in addition to flash cards.

Thanks for sharing.