Just an Introduction

Hey Peter, Glad you can get the Live Net, it is very helpful…Love Coimbra, Great place to retire indeed! Hope to do the same in the future!

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Rd live net, I got it on tv top-level will do a separate post about it for the community

Olá! It’s good to meet people from the Azores here. I’m learning European Portuguese however I would very much like to learn the Português language from the Azores. Particularly of the regions in Sao Miguel. You mentioned an Expats in Azores group in FB. Could you provide a link to it? I see there are three groups in FB and would like the one you mentioned. Muito obrigado in advance.

Olá senhor Leandro e bem-vindo :wave:. Estou desculpe por esta mensagem atrasada. It’s been an insane 2020 :pensive:.

Hi, I’m moving to Portugal this year so I an trying to learn the lanaguage. I was using Duolingo which is Brazilian Portuguese and not good for me. I registered for Practice Portuguese and I love it. I’m listening and speaking more than I used to, as a visual learner, this is vital for me to learn the language.

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Hi @Cas and thanks for posting! Glad to hear that PP is a good fit for your learning style. Good luck with your move to Portugal; you’ll be very welcome :sunglasses: