Is there a unit for the Conditional pls?


Perhaps I am being blind - is there a unit for the Conditional pls?



Hi Peter! Don’t worry, you’re not “cego” (blind) :slight_smile:

We have a Conditional Unit planned for the future, but we do already have a hopefully helpful Learning Note written by @joseph:

If there is anything you think we could add or improve, feel free to drop a comment on that page!


Joseph’s learning notes are always excellent and this in no exception.
But for me it is the use of “querer” which defines the Conditional for me and helps form the tense for all the other verbs. Typically of course it is to do with something I want and do on almost a daily basis whilst in Portugal.
Thus at the restaurant
Eu quereria uma mesa em sala.
Eu quereria um jarro de tinto

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