Is it possible to mark previously completed units as "not completed"?

I lost my motivation for a couple of months and stopped studying, but am now giving it another go. Judging by the flash cards I now get right and the ones I now get wrong, it is quite obvious that my long term recollection works and I can still rememember things that I managed to practice regularly enough to get them to “stick” in my long term memory, but the things I learnt shortly before stopping have dropped out of my short term memory. That’s not really surprising and it’s actually comforting to know that there’s a lot that I can still recall.

To give myself a chance to re-learn the stuff I have forgotten, I am going to re-do the the last five units I did before stopping. Is there a way whereby I can mark those units and the lessons within them as “not complete” so that the auto-progression through the units will remember where I’ve gotten to in my “re-study”?

Olá, @Tomas! We don’t currently have the option of unmarking individual lessons, only a full reset. One thing you can try, as a workaround, is to unmark the introductory Learning Notes of each of the lessons you want to re-do. Then, if you mark the first Learning Note as complete again, the auto-progression should hopefully realign accordingly :slight_smile:

Olá e muito obrigado @Joseph. That sounds like a simple and sensible approach, I will just do that :slight_smile:

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