Introducing myself

Hi all,

I am new to learning Portuguese, so I just wanted to introduce myself here. I am learning Portuguese because I am hoping to move there in 2022, if I can get things to work out with work, visas, etc. I am currently working as a scientific copy editor and am also beginning work as an online EFL (English as a foreign language) tutor.

I’m hopeful I’ll get to know people here, and will try and join in on some of the conversations when I have something to add.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome, @gduley! Hope everything goes smoothly and that you get to move here next year :raised_hands:

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Thanks @Joseph ! Fingers crossed!

Great! Very good idea to start learning in advance. The Practice Portuguese community is a real help for all manner of information and connections about Portugal and Portuguese life. We really rate it, the PP language material.
All the best for your big plan.

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Thanks, I’m hoping getting a bit of a head start at Portuguese will help if/when I get there. I’ve enjoyed using PP so far, and will try and participate in the forums a lot.

Connecting with locals and listening listening (!!!) is most important in order to get used to hearing that difficult language pronunciation. I am a multi-linguist but my ears are still not used to Portuguese at all. Reading yes, but hearing…OMG.


Thanks! Listening can be quite hard in general, and Portuguese does seem difficult that way. Connecting with locals will be tricky for me, though, as I’m a bit of an introvert — it’s not something I’m good at in any language! :laughing: