Interesting use of até

Hi there fellow PP’ers!

I came across this sentence in my textbook:

O Daniel gosta tanto do curso que até passa os seus tempos livres no seu local preferido: o mar.

It took me ages to figure out that até in this instance means even:
"Daniel likes the course so much that he even spends his free time… "

Somehow it seemed like a very illogical construction. The only way I can make sense of it is to think of até as “until” and from there arrive at “to the point of”:

“Daniel likes the course so much, to the point of spending his free time…”

Até is such a tricky little critter! :exploding_head:
Does anyone else have any examples of its idomatic usage?

Agradeço imenso!


Oh @Jeremy, até tu ainda ficas surpreendido com estas coisas do português! :smile:

(Does this work as an example?)


A couple more:

“até mais” - even more
“até melhor” - even better


LOL @Joseph… a perfect example, thank you :laughing: