Imperfect. is there no lesson on it?

In my reading I frequently come upon verbs in the imperfect, or what I believe is the imperfect such as “todos gostavam dele” or “ele juntava-se às reuniões”

I searched the site but I only find Imperfect Subjunctive. Should I learn this tense on my own? Is there a learning note or lesson on PP that I am missing? If I know the Preterite and Present tense, what is the next verb tense to learn? I thought it would be this one.


I see, you call it Past Continuous Tense instead of Imperfect. I was searching for “Imperfect”. I found it:

In the URL I see you call it as they do in Portuguese, Preterito Imperfeito, this is what I was looking for.

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That’s right, @chris.mcnally, it’s described as the Past Continuous on the website. We have a full unit dedicated to it (level B1) :slight_smile: