I took the CIPLE exam, AMA

that’s great! parabens. if you click the details or more details button on the page with BOM, then it shows you the breakdown of the 4 sections and your specific scores. Would be interested to hear about your different scores and how you felt compared to the scores.

Hmmm, I don’t see that button. I went into the Consulta de Classificações and put my número de candidato and I get the results without more info.

If you click the print button, that may show it as well.

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Hardie is right, my mistake, it is the Print button that shows you the details. Look for that

Ah ok, that works — not so obvious — thanks for the tip. I’m not too surprised that I did best on Compreensão da Leitura since I read a lot (95) and the worst was production Interação Escritas which I was a little disappointed (60). Compreensão Oral I’m not too surprised at since I knew I messed up a bit and tried in the end to fit the remaining answers in places that didn’t seem to fit (64). Interação Orais was about what I expected since we had to talk about sports and I’m not much on that subject (70).


Congratulations , how long did you take to learn Portuguese ?

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I’ve had a Brazilian in my life for 33 years but I really didn’t start learning to speak on a daily basis (more than some basic phrases) until we moved to Portugal 7 years ago. Now we speak in home 80% Portuguese 20% English.

A few of us just took o CIPLE in Washington, DC yesterday, plus I know someone who took it in Poland on the same date.

The good: the written text section was similar to previously released exams. The practice test on the CAPLE website is great preparation. I expect I did not ace this, but at least I felt like I was in the right room.

The bad: I think I spent as much time counting and re-counting how many words were in my answers as I did writing texts. The first question was to write a short recipe. The second was to invite a friend on a camping trip based on an advert. I juggled a few different approaches to get my responses to hit the correct length. I am sure I made many mistakes, but it again felt plausible.

The ugly: listening. At least I have the excuse that the laptop we all crowded around was too quiet. Once I could hear things I realized it did not much matter! The clips are exceedingly fast with background noise and different accents. I flat out guessed at everything. It was brutal. Unlike the other sections, I cannot imagine being able to pass this section even with another year of preparation.

And then mortification portion of the adventure: speaking. On the plus side, I had all of the luck possible. I was paired with a truly fabulous person, and we had hours of time to practice together because we were last. We were both taking it for practice with the expectation we’ll retake it again with more study. We worked well together for the final question. The situations I had were all the easiest possible with nothing requiring past tense. And yet, I ate the mic. One picture was of people posed for a photo. If I could do it over again, I would have focused on number, sex, hair color, shirt color, pants color, &c. Instead I could only think about how I didn’t know the word for smile, over and over, blocking out my ability to think of other things to actually say. I just froze up. My partner had a cartoon with a woman going about her day: getting up, having coffee, walking the dog, etc. Unfortunately my partner did not seem to realize this was about routines, and instead treated each image as distinct, rather than part of a comic strip. I sat there unable to help her which is a shame — if she had understood the context, I think she would have done quite well. The collaboration at the end was a lovely bit of luck again. We had five images of vacations, and needed to talk to one another to agree upon one. We fumbled grammar and pronunciation and generally had a scarlet letter A1, but you know — it was actually kind of fun. Improv in Portuguese. We should get some nice partial credit I think.

Other notes: (1) allow at least five hours for the two hour exam. Some people were crunched for time to catch flights.

(2) All instructions are in required to be Portuguese. Azul caneta, ok. Written instructions you can translate ahead of time based on prior years. But the spoken questions about the situations are not available in advance. This is very hard on novices. I am not sure all of what I was asked in a few places.

(3) Washington DC is tricky because of embassy restrictions. The entire group was six people, which might the maximum per exam there. We had non-stop helicopters, ambulances, and people honking. We could not enter too early and had to be escorted out to leave.

All in all, my sense is that if I complete the A2 lessons in Practice Portuguese, and the review cards, and verb quizzes, and the shorties, plus keep up with iTalki lessons, and also the textbook and workbook, plus a few YouTube videos thrown in, I can imagine passing the exam next time. Not the listening. That’s a lost cause. But the other three sections are feasible with more work. I can see it from here.

Boa sorte to other CIPLE takers! Now we wait for scores.


Just as an update for those taking the test. As stated by the emails when I signed up for the CIPLE, if you wanted the certificate mailed to you, you need to bring a pre-paid self-address envelope of specified size to receive the certificate. I did that and the certificate arrived today, 22-May-2023 for my 11-Feb-2023 exam. It arrived before the posted estimated date (31-May q23).

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I still don’t feel like I have “learned Portuguese”. but I guess I learned enough to pass the A2, and that was 14 months, including taking an A1/A2 class 2x a week for a full school year, using Practice Portuguese the entire time, and listening to podcasts, watching TV, Anki, Italki. etc. Now it will be 2 years in August, and I have been able to talk to people recently in Portuguese. I just often still do not understand random strangers when they speak to me. Practice Portuguese is very good, it can be the base for your study. You need to add more though if you want to speak and understand


As a note, on the flip side of the certificate that I received it has an explanation for all of the results and how the Classification Final is determined:
For the CIPLE: A2 level test (also for the A1 Acesso level)
Compreensão da Leitura 45%
Produção e Interação Escrita —
Compreensão do Oral 30%
Produção e Interação Oral 25%

For B1 DEPL and above (B2 DIPLE, C1 DAPLE and C2 DUPLE) all four sections are weighted 25% each

WIth Clasificação Final - Reultado
Muito Bom 85%-100%
Bom 70%-84%
Suficiente 55%-69%
Insuficiente 0% - 54%


Olá Patti. How did the exam go? And how did you register for it? I live in Guelph, and want to take the exam in Toronto as well. Thanks!

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Hello Portugal!

I was there with you and your assessment is spot on! I was so happy to be in Washington DC because I live in the area, but it was indeed very difficult with the constant street noise. That was very unexpected.

Even our coordinator thought the listening was difficult when she mentioned there were people speaking with northern accents that she did not understand. Honestly, if one is not fluent I don’t know how anyone can pass the listening section. I too guessed on every scenario. I don’t know why they make it so difficult.

My speaking images were #1 the contents of a refrigerator and #2 (with partner) we had 5 images of different sports and we were supposed to converse about which sports we liked and engaged in. I spent a few days following the exam kicking myself for not doing better since I knew the words, but I think I held my own.

My hope is that the reading, writing and speaking carried me over. But, I booked a seat in November for just in case purposes. If I have to take it again, I will go in knowing the speaking section is not going to happen and I’ll focus on reading, writing and speaking.

It was very nice meeting you. Boa Sorte!

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Ola ~

You must register on the CAPLE website. All dates and locations are posted on the site., but only when seats/dates are available. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the site as it’s the only way to register and there is a lot of competition. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Boa Sorte!

Here is the link.



Olá Patti,

Obrigado pela sua resposta. I tried the link, but can only get to step 2 … as it shows no dates are available in Canada. I guess I need to just keep trying. At least now I know the link!
All the best.

Bom dia Patti! I hope you passed! :crossed_fingers:
I have an “Insuficiente.” É boa, não é uma surpresa. Now I need to figure out how to see the component scores, since that is the part I wanted to know about.

Life events have kept me from studying since the exam, and will continue to for a little while longer. I harbor hope of spending a month or two in Portugal after the summer ends. That could really help on the dreaded listening section in particular.

My goal had been 4 months of daily study to hit a true A1 level. I fell a little short of A1 in that time. In August I will begin a new study plan to actually round out the A1 work, then progress to A2. I expect that’s at least 8 months, maybe more like a year, for me to get there. Practice Portuguese is central to my efforts. Having an exam date is great motivation too! Unquestionably I studied more as a result.

Boa sorte to everyone getting results today!

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Bom Dia Portugal!

First, if you are on the CAPLES website where you learned your score, in the top right hand corner of the page, just under the words, “log in” click on “print”, you’ll see the breakdown of your score.

The calculations are a bit tricky, but you’ll receive a letter from the DC Consulate that explains everything. I received the letter after taking the exam in Toronto, Nov. '22. Also, you can always email CAPLES in Lisbon directly, they are very good about responding quickly.

My score was 52.4%. Heartbreakingly close, but I am going to submit it for re-evaluation. It’s absolutely worth the 25 euros.

As a back up, I registered for a seat in Newark, NJ for November, but I really don’t want to go thru this again so I’m crossing my fingers for a positive outcome when I resubmit.

Take care, Patti

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Eu lamento, but I’m sure time immersed in the language in Portugal will do wonders. You can do this, and I look forward to reading the happy note in a year’s time about you having passed :slight_smile:

Oh no, that 52.4% must be so frustrating. But it is great validation that you are on the right track! Surely if the regrade does not help enough, next time you will pass with a nice healthy margin.

Thanks for the detailed directions on how to find the print button, which I somehow failed to see. Obrigada. I am very surprised at my component scores! While quite low, they suggest that if I just put in the dedicated and consistent time, even I can get there.

Olá Tomas! You are so kind. I hope you are having a good time with your studies!

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