Hunting and fishing?

Are there any lessons focused on hunting and fishing in Portugal or interest in the same? I have resources that can be shared in the last case.

Well, we have covered animal vocabulary, but we do not have contents specifically focused on hunting and fishing, although this is a suggestion we can take note of for the future. In the meantime, please also feel free to use the forum itself to share any relevant resources, if you’d like, as there might be others here who share this interest!

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The resources consist of a glossary and bitexts made from the study guide from the PSP for the qualification exam for the gun license (C + D, not B1) as well as many discussions by exam-takers which I copied from forums and translated, i.e. not publicly accessible web pages. I published a blog post about the process years ago but did not include the resources themselves. They were effective enough that I was able to score the second highest result of the 23 people who took the exam that day despite the fact that I could barely read Portuguese at the time. There is also a lot of other relevant vocabulary on traps, environmental conditions and local wildlife that is relevant to non-hunters who may encounter such things in rural areas. In the “Wildlife in Portugal” forum on FB, for example, I notice that a lot of newcomers have no idea how to describe things they encounter or whom to contact if they find injured wildlife.