How to translate the word “just”?

I’ve been trying to translate the word just, but it has a meaning I’m unsure how to convey.
If the word “just” refers more to the word only like “I just have one apple” Só tenho uma maçã makes sense.
But how would you say “I just did something” in terms of the time that elapsed from when you completed something is very short?

An example would be “I just ate.” I do not believe só or apenas makes sense here. I’m referring to that I had eaten a short time ago, not “I only ate”.

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Acabei de comer
Acabei de chegar
Acabei de fazer uma coisa
Acabei de responder a uma pergunta

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@mehzpez, as @samarang already said, you can use “acabar de” in this sense - it sounds very natural for us. Other alternatives include saying “Fiz X agora mesmo” or “Fiz X agora há pouco”, for example.