How to start studying Portuguese

Hi everyone!

I just went through everything from A1 (proud of myself haha). But now I, of course, have got to start studying all of this. Does anyone have an idea of a good strategy? Do I start with all vocabulary words? Or first learn all of the rules? Or…?


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Congrats, that’s great! I would recommend using the Smart Review tool, both the flash card version and the audio version (Listen & Speak) to continually review the phrases you’ve learned.

You could also skim back through the units you’ve completed to see if there are any topics that you feel were more difficult that you might want to re-read the learning notes and repeat any lessons.

Also try sorting the Shorties by level A1, as these will give you lots of good listening comprehension practice, plus show you how what you’ve learned fits together. Plus you can add more vocabulary and expressions to your Smart Review from there.

After trying some of those suggestions, it might give you a better idea of which areas you’re doing well in, and which you need to focus on more. (For example, speaking vs vocabulary vs grammar vs comprehension, etc)

When you feel like you’re at least semi-comfortable with A1, feel free to start working on A2!