How to find particular flashcard

I was working through my flashcards when I wanted to translate something and so I pulled up your useful translator screen. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work and so I refreshed the screen showing the flashcard I was working on. This took me back to my very first flashcard and now I can’t get back to the flashcard I was previously using (number 17). Is there any way I can do this, please?

The flashcards are always presented in a randomized order so what you saw as #17 was specific for that particular session. Once you refreshed the cards were randomized again and it would have restarted the session at card #1, which likely would be different than what card #1 was your first time through.

If you want to look up a specific expression, I find the easiest way is to open the Manage Smart Review page and from there you can search for whatever expression you want. If you don’t remember the exact phrase that’s okay, just enter what you remember and it will find all matching expressions.