How do you formally say follow-up

What would be the right word for follow up?

For example if I was writing an email and the context was ’ I am writing this email to follow IP on’

I looked up linguee if it suggested the usage of dar seguimento, would that be correct?

“Dar seguimento” and “acompanhar” would be suitable options, depending on context. I would only use “dar seguimento” if I were the one that needed to take some kind of action (e.g. a customer reached out with an issue and I am following up on it to solve it for them). “Acompanhar”, to me, fits better when you’re the one waiting on the other party.

  • Estou a contactá-lo para dar seguimento ao seu pedido (I’m contacting you to follow up on your request)
  • Estou a contactá-la para acompanhar o estado da minha candidatura (I’m contacting you to follow up on the status of my application)

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