How can I access training verbs?

Hi there, I am a member of this group, logged in but when I get back to the verbs and those bubbles I get the notice that first I have to become a member to get full benefit of this subject. Why that? What do I have to do to get access to everything?

Hi there, welcome to the forum! Sorry for the confusion. The verb section of the site is one of the benefits of becoming a premium member. You also get access to all of our Units (we have over 90 now!) and the Portuguese/English synced transcripts for all our Podcasts and Shorties.

If you want to sign up you can use this link: Become a Premium Member. We’d love to have you on board. Let me know if you have other questions about the program or about signing up - you can email us at :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, 15€ is quite a lot. I already pay for access.

It is value for money Ricarda. If you really want to learn European Portuguese and be supported when you need help this is the place for you.
Don’t confuse it with free lessons in Brazilian Portuguese which in my experience are very poor.


Olá @ricardinha, thanks for this note and for your continued support! I understand the frustration, and we never like having to answer that a member doesn’t have access to something. To be clear, the Verbs and Units sections are part of the full Premium.

Previously, we were offering the “Podcast Plus” plan (which you have) for those who only wanted access to the transcripts and other features related to the episodes, at a lower price. However, we simplified things for new users, now offering only the Premium plan. 80% of new members were choosing the full Premium, and that’s also where a lot of our resources have been going the last couple years.

We absolutely support members like yourself staying on that plan as long as they like, to continue getting the same ongoing value from the Podcast Plus plan as when they signed up. (Actually, the value has increased quite a bit this past year, as we’ve been launching 2-3 new Shorties every week, in addition to the Podcast & Video episodes. We’ve launched a total of 191 Shorties to date since last year, and we have no plans to slow down.

I’ve made a note to reach out to you directly today to continue the conversation. Thanks again for your support and for sharing your concerns!

ps. obrigado for your kind words of support @mac.cummings :slight_smile:

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