Hiking Mount Pico

I’m going to the Azores this summer and want to hike Pico. Has anyone used a guide? If so, who and what was your experience?

I have not climbed the mountain, but my understanding is that it is just a long uphill slog along a marked trail. The big problem is cloud. A few years ago we spent 2 weeks around early July in Larges do Pico and only saw the summit once, that was late in an evening as it was getting dark. We then moved around to Velas on Sao Jorge for two weeks and saw the summit a number of times.
Occasionally, while on the south side of Terceira we can see the summit over Sao Jorge, but often with cloud on the lower slopes.

It all depends on the weather conditions while you are here. You will find a number of tour companies with booths at Madalena and a few at Larges, on Ilha Pico that will be able to help you.

I hope you enjoy your visit, the islands are a great place once you get outside of Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel. We arrived in 2014 with our boat intending to go back north in 2015. Instead I sold my house in Orkney and we now live on Terceira.

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