Help Us With Our 2020 Holiday Episode! 🎁

We need your help with our holiday video podcast! As a fun challenge, we’re asking members to record a video telling us (in Portuguese! :portugal:) about their favourite holiday foods and drinks.

Don’t worry if you can’t say everything correctly. We’re all in this together to learn and improve, so members from all levels are encouraged to participate.

Use the link below to read more and submit your recording:

Topic: What is your favourite holiday comfort food or drink that everyone should try?
Record Your Answer

Please submit your recording by the end of the day on December 10th (UTC+00:00).

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I overcame a little shyness and recorded my first contribution to the pod / videocast… Eventhough I felt very uncomfortable recording myself because I do not know many words and only the present tense of some verbs I gave it a go… it feels good to do so… so I recommend all people holding back to these kind of initiatives to just try it. Even if it will not be used it is good for your confidence and forces you to speak instead of think :slight_smile:

Anyway. just saying, don’t be shy… I am an absolute beginner and surely not the only one :slight_smile:



Olá @masoroso, so glad you mentioned this, since we really wanted to have a good mix of skill levels (and not intimidate everyone with only advanced speakers). Can’t wait to see you and the other members’ videos, this is going to be so fun to record! We got way more recordings than we expected so we’ll have to fly through them at a good pace if we want to keep the episode under 5 hours :joy: Thanks to you and everyone else who submitted recordings! :heart: