Healthcare Insurance

I was wondering what type of healthcare insurance is offered there?
How much is it? How much of your healthcare costs does it cover? How long does it take to get in to see a Doctor?


@daniellamb397, there are several private health insurance providers, with several different plans (usually with co-payment, so you don’t have to pay everything in advance and then wait for a refund). However, many people don’t have private health insurance, because we have a reasonably good national health service available for everyone at low-to-zero costs. Also, since private healthcare costs are usually not nearly as absurd as in, say, the US, people might choose to just use private healthcare occasionally and bear the costs without feeling the need to have actual insurance.

Private healthcare is usually very fast and efficient for scheduled appointments and procedures, but for actual emergencies or complex cases, the public health system is often considered more robust. Many healthcare professionals work on both ‘sides’ simultaneously, anyway.

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How do you sign up for the national health service? What about drugs, are those available at a reasonable price?

Here’s the government info on how to get access to the national health service: Request the SNS’s user number -

About the prices of drugs, I consider them generally affordable, but that’s subjective, depending, for example, on income and on how many different drugs a patient needs to acquire regularly. Most prescription drugs sold at regular pharmacies are partially subsidized, between 15% and 90%. Patients can always choose the cheapest available generic version for maximum saving. Specific drugs are exceptionally subsidized up to 100%. Drugs administered in hospitals to in- or outpatients, and drugs that must be dispensed exclusively at hospital pharmacies are free.

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