Has anyone done flashcards for verbs?

Hiya, has anyone created flashcards for verbs? Maybe in Quizlet or suchlike. Because (of course) flashcards are a great way to learn.



This is not flashcard but it is a good verb trainer.
Treinador de tempos verbais (verbos-portugueses.info)


Hi Peter,
Actually I have done flashcards for verbs, nouns and “the akward squad” of things like prepositions. But a word of warning. I invested a huge amount of time keying in tens, hundreds even thousands of words but then discovered that the system I used always returned to the begininng of my list when I had completed a revision. I contacted the app designer and asked if it would be possible to start the next review where I left off on my previous session, but no matter what I tried it didn’t seem to work. I haven’t discovered an app able to do this yet. I love acquiring vocab, but there comes a point when the shere quantity means that it is like a lumbering beast and not really workable to review them equally. I also have a weakness for listing obscure or technical verbs etc, which is a bit of a stumbling block. Actually more successful that any mobile or online app is a series of A6 note books, each page folded down the middle vertically, portuguese words one side and english translation on the other, I’ve used this system for years first with Hungarian and now with Portuguese and its the best.


I’ve made some Quizlets. You’re welcome to them:



Hope that helps!

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A few more Quizlets:


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Hiya! Thank you very much for that useful feedback!

Hi, I downloaded an app (free) called Simple Flashcards Plus.You can make your own flashcards but can also search for any others that people have made and download them onto your app.
You can remove any single cards that you dont need from a download and also do quizes to test yourself.

Obrigada Tessa! These are most helpful.


Tessa, I see you have a few others that might be helpful. Do you mind if I copy them too? I find Quizlet’s flashcards are great for memorizing.

Does anyone know of an ANKI stack to help me memorize the 75 “most common” Portuguese verbs listed? I have them written down in “groups of 10” but it seems there must be a SRS or ANKI way to make a stack. Anyone know of such a stack.

I am “stuck” to using my tablet for now as my laptop is in for physical repairs of the HP’s touch screen and hinges - a known (to HP) “engineering defect”. Thanks in advance.

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I don’t know a stack but agree it would be helpful because Flashcards are a great way to memorize verb declensions.

Have you checked out quizlet? I found some random collections of verb declension flashcards on there that are good/helpful/usable