Featured verbs just got less useful

Not sure which group feedback for the site updates belongs in, but dear PP:

It is great that you continuously improve PP and make the user experience more and more streamlined. Most of the improvements are really great.

However, until today, the “featured verbs” section at the bottom of many units had a visual indication of whether the user had completed the verb conjugations “lesson”. The green ring for the tense had a darker (or maybe it was lighter? it was clearly visible) ring if the conjugation lesson had been completed, and no ring if it had not. This was very helpful as a visual reminder to complete the lessons for any verbs not already completed.

With the latest update this has been replaced by a large graphic showing all the conjugation in that relevant tense (the same info was previously available by hovering the mouse over the verb). That means there is no easy way to check whether I have completed the “lessons” for each verb.

Please bring back the indication - it was really, really useful.

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Just wanted to add my voice to this and completely agree with what Tomas wrote. I also found the indication of progress really useful and please bring it back.

I have only just rejoined as a member in the last week and the changes that have been made to PP in the last 2 years are fantastic. The site is a big improvement on what it was 2 years ago, especially now with the mobile app. But this one change, which appears to have been made in the last couple of days, is a downgrade.

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Thank you for your feedback, @Tomas and @Donald! I’m actually not sure whether it was an intentional or an incidental change, but after passing your comments along, it seems that we should be able to bring it back to the previous state soon :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Joseph for the quick feedback and thank you to the developers for being willing to bring the indication back. This willingness to listen sets PP apart from many less reactive sites! I look forward :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know we added a checkmark to show which verb conjugations quizzes have been completed. We use checkmarks in the Units, so we decided to use them here too, instead of the green ring. Thanks again for the feedback. :blush:


Thank you very much @Molly. That looks slick and is easy to spot :smile:

Thank you @Joseph for the quick response and feedback.

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Thank you @Molly. The checkmark is perfect, that was all that was needed. Also, the response and the speed of implementing the change was amazing.

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A small follow-up if I may, @Molly .

Previously you could click the “featured verb” which would take you to the quizz for that verb/tense. Now clicking it expands/contracts the conjugation of the verb/tense, and the only way to go to the quizz appears to be to leave the list of featured verbs by going to the verb section and searching for verb.

Would it be possible to re-introduce a way of getting straight from the “featured verb” list to the quizz?

Please just ignore me! I just realised that while looking at the verb in the “featured verb” section of of a unit, I can also click on the circle for the mood/tense, which takes me to the quizz.

Apologies, I didn’t realise that yesterday.

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Can I add to this that I would loveeee to see a mixed verb conjugation option? Now, you can only practice one verb at the time. It would be super helpful to be able to select multiple verbs to practice at the same time. I feel this can make it a bit more challenging. I notice that with only practicing one verb I sort of start doing it on autopilot following the general conjugation rule that applies without truly consolidating it (if that makes sense haha).

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