Enjoying a poem but missing one cultural reference

At the end of January, a Portguese poet, Alice Neto de Sousa appeared on RTP Africa and recited a poem. I just heard it the other day on a podcast and was blown away by the cadence of her delivery as well as treatment of the topic. The simple question that sets the stage is a child asking a teacher “Que raio é um lápis cor de pele?”

The delivery is slow at first, but gets into a rapid-fire pace. I couldn’t keep up with it, or anything even close, but I eventually tracked down this page which has the words, and at the bottom the video of her recitation. Her delivery is amazing and I encourage you to watch her.

So here is my question. In the ultimate paragraph there’s a line, Mas Muxima Uamiê está sofrendo, and I have found a song, “Muxima Uamiê” and a relevant line in the song. But I’d like to know if anyone knows more about that song, Muxima Uamiê or anything else that would give me some insight to that reference.

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@fitterman, muxima uamiê means my heart in Kimbundu, an Angolan language. I’d say that she wants to express that no matter how strong she acts on the outside, her heart aches :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing Alice and her poetry. i am just beginning to learn Portuguese so it was helpful to have her words translated into English. Her delivery is like listening to a beautiful song. You don’t have to understand the words to feel her emotion.

@Joseph Is there anything you don’t have the right answer for? You are amazing :exclamation:

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Ah, thank you so much :pray: Some things I know, some things I know where to find. But I swear there’s a lot more that I don’t know at all!