EN: I draw - I design ES: dibujo - diseño PT: desenho - desenho!

EN: I design the concept in my mind and then draw it.

ES: Diseño el concepto en mi mente y luego lo dibujo.

PT: Desenho o conceito na minha mente e depois desenho. :frowning_face:

What are the alternatives?

In French a drawing is un dessin and a design is un design. The word design was anglicized to cut down on the confusion I suppose

I see.

So there is no word for design, an alternative then could be “concitualizo a idea na minha mente…”

Talking about french: “un ver vert va vers le verre en verre vert”.

@edil.cajigas, if you’re using the word “design” in the sense of developing/conceptualizing, you can use the translation for those respective words :slight_smile: There’s also the verb esboçar, for example (to sketch).

Óptimo! É igual a palavra “esbozo” em espanhol.

“Desenho o conceito na minha mente e depois esboço.”