Does anyone watch Netflix with Portuguese subtitles?

I loved watching Portuguese shows while in Portugal but I have been having a hard time finding many in America

The attached link makes it seem like it’s an easy thing to do and figure out but I can’t seem to be able to group all Portuguese based movies into one category? Maybe because I have a shared Netflix account?

Any Good Portuguese Netflix (or otherwise) dubbed or subtitled films/shows?

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I have the same problem where I live, netflix is diffrente for each country based on copyrights I guess. Not a single one of the things the internett said about portuguese stuff on netflix is showing up… there are some brasilian stuff tho, and many shows have brasilian subs… at least here


There are a few recommendations here and here for watching shows that are either Portuguese or are dubbed in Portuguese.

The short answer is that there are not a ton of options on Netflix, other than dubbed children’s shows that were originally in English. If you search “Portuguese” in the Netflix search bar you’ll see some links at the top next to “Explore titles related to”. You’ll see links for “Audio in Portuguese” and another for “Portuguese-language Movies & TV”.


Thank you. You’re the best replier ever. I attempted to open a bunch of these threads and do a "CTRL+F “movies” to see if there was already a post about this but I didn’t think to type “programs” or the like

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Aw, you’re very welcome! Good luck with your search, let me know if you find any other good shows or movies.

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