Doce de tomate - what is it?

I was just working through the unit on irregular verbs and came across “tomato jam”. So in Portugal, is that a real thing? Is it a sweet jam or more like our salsa?

@kyrapup50, like the name says, it’s doce - really sweet! :slight_smile: It is a real thing, hah.

What a good question. I have passed it may times on supermarket shelves and I have to say I’ve been a little bit suspicious! So should we give it a go? Mais vale??

Andrew, please do, and give some feedback. In the unit they show it spread on toast like other fruit jams. I am so curious what it is like. I am thinking ketchup on toast???

Trata-se dum doce tradicional português. (salvo erro)
Vale a pena de provar!
Há várias receitas na net.
Prefiro o com menos açúcar.

It is like a marmalade, made from tomatoes and very nice and Portuguese!

Hi yes. Tomato jam. I didn’t know about it till last year. It’s a sweet jam. You can make it sweet and spicy if you want by adding chilies though.

I do suggest trying it! Especially if you like mixing sweet and savory. I like it on a piece of toast with queijo fresco & fiambres.