Difference between Fogo vs Chama

What’s the difference between fogo and chama? I’ve heard fogo used for fire, but I’ve also heard commercials on the radio about Portugal Chama, referring to the wildfires.

Are the two words interchangeable?

Chama here is from the verb chamar. So it means Portugal is calling (on citizens to do their bit). The full announcement is Portugal chama. Por si. Por todos. (Portugal is calling. On you. On everyone.)
The noun chama means flame as opposed to fogo which is the general word for fire.,

Are you not perhaps hearing - queimar?

Chama = flame, fogo = fire

@pauladwg, exactly what @michael.pearce said :slight_smile: “Portugal Chama” is a wordplay, but it should be understood as “Portugal is Calling”.

I found this play on words to be so clever. Loved it.

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