Difference between depois and após

What is the difference between depois and após?

In lesson 2 or 3 of the Prepositions 3 Unit, we come across the following sentence: Após a reunião, discutimos o assunto, which translates to After the meeting, we will discuss the matter.

The learning notes of the unit say após means upon.

@kareemdjerdjouri, they’re interchangeable when used in the sense of “after”, which would typically be the default translation for após. It can mean “upon” in some contexts, but that shouldn’t be taken as a first choice - I’ve already updated the learning note accordingly (thanks for bringing our attention to that!).

Just keep in mind that, unlike após, depois requires the preposition de.

  • Após a reunião, discutimos o assunto
  • Depois da reunião, discutimos o assunto