Describing Time - when you to 'de' and 'á'

Can anyone direct me to (or explain) what the rules are for which prepositions to use between days of the week, today, tomorrow or yesterday and morning, afternoon and night please?
e.g. Monday morning = segunda-feira de manhá but tomorrow night = amanhá á noite (examples from deepl translate and smart review). They seem to change and not be consistent and I can’t work it out!

Olá, @ebgilding! Here’s a summary:

  • De manhã
  • De tarde = à tarde
  • De noite = à noite

Basically, except when referring to mornings, the preposition de and the contraction à are generally interchangeable :slight_smile:

Here’s a helpful explanation of how we also use certain other prepositions/contractions in reference to time: De manhã? Na manhã? Pela manhã? - Portuguese Questions / Grammar - Practice Portuguese

Thank you! That’s so helpful. I guess I’ll just stick to de then to make it easier :slight_smile:

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