DeepL pronunciation

I normally use when I need to translate European Portuguese, and I occasionally use it to hear how it pronounces certain words. I just tried the DeepL app and it works quite well. However, it doesn’t pronounce words the same as the website version. It appears to use Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation rules instead of European.

For example, the word noite is pronounced identically whether I’ve set it to use Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese. The website version of DeepL however uses the correct regional pronunciation for words like noite, leite, omelete, and so on.

Is there a way to configure the DeepL app to use proper European Portuguese pronunciation rules?


@pwsteele Seems like you might have hit a bug. My experience is that the two pronunciations are distinct in both the app and the website. I’ve just tested in with a few tell words, including noite, and everything behaves as you would want it to.

My app version in 2.8, and that’s the latest available. My phone is a Samsung. If this is a bug. I guess I’ll have to wait for an update.

I just tried a test on my wife’s phone and her’s works correctly. She also uses a Samsung phone but a different model. So this might be some kind of configuration issue. I’ll have to dig into this a bit more.

Found it. There is a option in Settings called Text-to-speech and it lists multiple languages that are supported. My phone did not include European Portuguese whereas my wife’s did. There was an option to add additional languages though so I added European Portuguese and now my DeepL app works correctly.



I ONLY trust the pronunciation of
Just give it a try.

To my ears the words I tested were pronounced identically in DeepL and infopedia, at least close enough to not make a difference. For my purposes the convenience of DeepL gives it the nod. If infopedia comes out with an app I’ll reconsider.