Debaixo ou embaixo

In Adverbs 1 Lesson 5 “debaixo” as well as “embaixo” are used. “Embaixo” seems to be a Brazilian Portuguese word. Can you also use it in European Portuguese?

Olá, @bonas.kneck. I don’t think that lesson includes embaixo, but abaixo. Or at least, I’m not finding any phrase with that word. Like you said, embaixo is only acceptable in Brazilian Portuguese - In European Portuguese, the spelling should always be em baixo :slight_smile:

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Thank you Joseph for your swift response! In part 1/18 (the mechanic under the car) three of the four alternatives include embaixo

Ah, got it! I was just looking for the correct answers.

When I go through various units I spend some time analysing the incorrect answers as well. This is perhaps not time well spent if the false answers are wrong not only in the sence that they don’t fit the context but are grammatically incorrect as well. How would you say I should go about it?

Do I understand from your post that you have found many examples of contextual and grammattical errors? Are those in the English or the Portuguese?
This is a surprise to me as a two year member. I would recommend that you write direct to Joseph via [email protected] with the examples thus allowing him the opportunity to discuss the examples with you “one to one” rather than in the open forum environment.

@bonas.kneck, yes, in theory, the incorrect options in an exercise could be incorrect for any reason. In practice, I don’t think there are many exercises where the incorrect options are grammatically incorrect themselves (e.g. misspelled words or incoherent sentences). That’s probably a good thing, since many people actively learn from the incorrect options as well, like you do. I’d say you should keep taking a look at the incorrect options in an exercise, even after spotting the correct option. Whenever you’re in doubt, you can always reach out via the “Send direct feedback about this question” button. Meanwhile, from our side, we will continue to quickly and frequently make any necessary changes to exercises to improve everyone’s learning experience.

You are right Joseph, not many exercises at all seem to be grammatically wrong. However, they pop up from time to time. You are very attentive to feedback and I am sure you will continuously work to further improve an already excellent learning tool. I will keep working with all options in the excercises and reach out you when I am unable to crack one of them. Thank you for you support!

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