Days of the Week

In German, French, English, and I think Spanish, the days of week are named after the moon and planets. In Portuguese it seems the are based on ordinal numbers. I’m curious why.

I think it follows the Arabic system

The Arabic system. Fascinating. Logical. I’ll see what Google has to say.

I should have said Abrahamic origins but am sure they came to Portugal by the Moors etc.

Your advice was most helpful Monica. I searched the web for Arabic calendar and learned it’s lunar and it does indeed number the days first, second, third . . . seventh. How cool is that!

We’re moving from Atlanta GA to Lisboa on Saturday and boy do we ever have a lot to learn in addition to this wierd, Russian sounding Romance language :blush:

Thank you,

You will love every minute of it. We have recently moved to Tavira on the Algarve and love it. Bom dia.

I’ve enjoyed chatting with you Monica. Maybe we’ll chat again in the Café. Enjoy Portugal :portugal:
Tchau tchau,

As a Tavira resident I trust that you have already found Os Fialho in nearby Pinheiro just off the 125. Excellent fish restaurant, well used by Portuguese and visitors alike. Good inexpensive wine by the jar!
Cash only.
I have used it for 30 years on my regular trips lagoonside

I haven’t actually as we have not been there long and are reliant on public transport /taxis but will certainly bear it in mind. Thank you for the recommendation