Day Trip Suggestions from Lisbon?

I will be in Lisbon for 4 weeks in June for a language course. I have the first week free (the week leading up to a Festa do Santo Antonio). What are some day trips you might suggest? I’ve been to Sintra e Cascais already and would like to see other gems Portugal has to offer. I’m still toying with the idea of an overnight in Porto. I didn’t get to see or do as much as I would have liked last year.
Muito obrigada pela ajuda a todos!


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Braga and Guimarães são boas…faça um passeio a pé guiado gratuito…
As duas estão perto do Porto …fique mais uma noite na área

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Yes, Braga and Guimarães are easily reachable from Porto (direct train connections for both), but only doable if you spend at least a couple of nights in Porto.

From Lisbon, I’d recommend Tomar, which I love, but also Óbidos or Peniche, for example. From Peniche, you can take a boat to the Berlengas archipelago, which I’d say is more interesting than Peniche itself. And on your way to Peniche, you can also visit the quirkiest garden in Portugal, the Bacalhôa Buddha Eden, in Bombarral.

If you go a bit south, you have Arrábida (just don’t try driving to the most popular beaches in June, since private cars are not allowed to circulate during the beach season - use the free buses) and the Tróia peninsula, which is reachable by ferry from Setúbal. I don’t love Setúbal and I also don’t love Sesimbra (also relatively close and well known), but many tourists, both national and international, enjoy visiting them. Even further south, but hard to reach without a car, you have Badoca Safari Park, which is ten times better than a zoo, including for the animals themselves, I think (and hope).


Sim Joseph. Obidos e linda mas tem muitos touristas. O castelo de Peniche vale uma visita. E muito interessante.
Amorante e muito linda. Tem a Igreja de São Gonçalo. Stunning. Um viagem fácil . Juste 60 km (40 mins de Porto no A4).
Eu recomendo que Paige alugue um carro se ela quer visitar todos os lugares,
E muito fácil do que um trem ou ônibus.


I’ll throw in the recommendation of Coimbra - a reasonable day trip from Lisboa.


I would recommend Evora. This will be my futur city and is around 1 h20min from lisbon. Its a world heritage and has a stunning old part with even a roman temple, city wall all arround and a chapel made out of bones. Worth visiting :slight_smile:


Sim, Evora e muito linda.

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Mas Lisboa a Évora e uma grande viagem para Paige. (135 km 90 minutos) Ela quer uma viagem de um dia.
Sim Evora e linda. Estremoz, que fica perto, também.
Gosto de Alentejo. Seus vinhos tintos são entre os melhores da europa.
Mas tu precisas de uma semana para ver toda a area.

Try Obidos - I really enjoyed it there.
Another thing you could do is to look at Meet-up. They organise day trips, often hiking or volunteering - eg planting trees. That could be a lot of fun.


I will be staying in Peniche for 2 weeks in September and had heard Obidos was a place to visit. But I watched a video on Obidos and got the impression that it is pretty but very much a tourist destination. Am I too naive to believe that there are still some spectacular, unspoiled towns and villages to visit? I know… I’m living in a fantasy world.

Yes Obidos is a tourist trap but it still is a “must visit”. It is one of only two major towns within striking distance of you,the other is Caldas da Rainha, also worth a trip. Here is a link to some of the things to do.
I’m assuming you will have wheels so do drop in at some of the small towns villages. Drive around the Lagoa de Óbidos to Foz do Arelho. Walk the beach there. Have some fish.
Or a little further afield São Martinho do Porto…take a walk along towards the Farol. Nip through the tunnel. Chill.
Further afield again. The wonderful Monastery at Alcobaca (60kms from Peniche) You may even bump into The Duke of Braganca in the church (The Man who would have been King) I did!!
There will be more locals at those last places for you to practice your Portuguese.
Enjoy. The whole area is tranquil. Well maybe not Obidos but you MUST go.

Obrigado. Muito apreciado.