Couve is kale but repolho is cabbage?

Google shows me kale when i search for couve. Cabbage is a heavy spherical vegetable. I grow both in the garden and they are very different. Cabbage looks like this
Cabbage is sweet and kale is bitter. They are both cruciferous vegetables but so is broccoli. I am now not sure what i will get when i order couve. My wife loves cabbage and hates kale. Help!

@karl, the translation depends on the type of couve you’re looking for, as there are several (repolho is just one of those types). A quick search led me to this nice overview from… LIDL :slight_smile: : Conheça os diferentes tipos de couves e os seus benefícios (

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Thank you! This was very helpful. I see that “couve” is roughly analogous to “cruciferous”. Eu vou pedir “repolho” ou “couve repolho” ou “couve-de-flor” no restaurante. Também uso Quizlet para aprender. Não consigo adicionar estas novas palavras com Smart Review Flash Cards.

Muito obrigado pela explicação!

Feliz Natal e bom ano novo!

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