Could this be the future of language learning?

For me, who does not have the advantage of having someone to talk to and practice european portugues, this could be phenomenal. Even more if they make in such a way were he can grade you “sotaque” and correct you of your mistakes.


Thank you very much for sharing that. It sounds like a brilliant idea!
I have never tried using ChatGPT, but this makes me want to sign up and at least give it a go.

Have you tried it @edil.cajigas and what were your experiences?

I signed up for ChatGPT and installed the necessary extensions, but my pronunciation is not good enough to be understood by the voice recognition extension. So I found myself having to correct pretty much every sentence, thus defeating the objective. :roll_eyes:

When I got to learning numbers, I thought “aha! This requires a very limited vocabulary, so maybe things will be ok if I ask the AI to just say two numbers that I then add together and say the sum, and the AI can then correct me if I get it wrong”. But with numbers, the synthetic voice was worse than what a Commodore 64 could produce in the 1990s, and the voice recognition still didn’t manage to recognise what I said :cry:

So for the time I have given up on this, but have instead started to spend my pocket money on a real human being on iTalki who appears to understand my feeble attempts at speaking his language.

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Wow! You have done more than me. I will have to work on this. So far I’ve been using it to generate exercises and to explain with more detail when there is some obscure grammar that I don’t understand.


Generating exercises… that’s a brilliant idea! Thank you! I’ll try to do that as well!

I use o Bing in Skype, but have only used text. You can just ask it to speak with you in European Portuguese, and ask it to correct your mistakes.

It’s not very good at suggesting resources since other than Practice Portuguese coming up first (yay!!!) everything else is Brazilian Portuguese, no matter how much I ask for European Portuguese only. I have not tried getting it to give me exercises – that could be very helpful with verbs. PP is good for one verb at a time, but usually I’m taking on 5 or 10 a week, and would like to have them mixed into one exercise.

Deepl remains my go-to choice for correcting my writing, but it’s not interactive.