Correct tense for future appointment

in english we could say ‘if you are not available on this day’ ie present tense, or if you will not be available, what would be the correct tense in Portuguese? Which is more common ‘if you are not available’ or ‘if you are unavailable’?

We have different ways of saying that, but I can suggest these two:

  • Se não está disponível… (simple present)
  • Se não estiver disponível… (future subjunctive)

I think ‘not available’ (não disponível) is more used than ‘unavailable’ (indisponível), but both would be fine.

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thank you Joseph for that clear explanation. I haven’t learned the future subjunctive yet, would it be incorrect to use ir, ie se nso vai estar disponivel (with the appropriate accents of course)


Sure! That would also work just fine :slight_smile: