Conjuntivo - Why not all 6 tenses?

Which of the 3 tenses do you cover in PP for the Conjuntivo - Present, Imperfect, Simple Future? Why don’t you cover the other 3, Past, Pluperfect and Future Imperfect?

Many thanks.

@tony.white, all verb tenses are covered in Practice Portuguese. For the subjunctive mood, the three reference simple tenses (presente, pretérito imperfeito and futuro) are covered directly in our Verbs section. The extra tenses you listed are compound tenses which are covered in this Learning Note: Compound Tenses - Subjunctive Mood and Nominal Verb Forms | Practice Portuguese . The plan is to also have a full exercise unit covering compound tenses in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you, very much indeed Joseph

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Morning Joseph,

I have a question around the plans for PP’s future - you mentioned in your answer to me that you plan to have a full exercise unit covering compiund tenses in the future.

What are the planned additions per level (A1, A2 etc?). Or put anoither way what is missing?

@Joseph I have started working through learning notes, like this one, that aren’t in full units. Although I can find them by going to the index and filtering out learning notes that have been marked complete (ie, I completed them when doing a unit), I can’t find a way of marking these unattached learning notes complete. As a consequence they keep coming back in my search. Am I missing something? What is the best way of working with these unattached learning notes?

@coljay, indeed, unless you access a LN from within a Unit, you won’t see the option to mark it as complete. So, I’m afraid these LNs will continue to appear in your searches. I’ll forward this topic internally, to see if this is something that could eventually be changed in the future.

@tony.white, the foundations are already pretty much there, I would say, so it’s more about how detailed we want to get with certain grammar topics or what vocabulary needs we can help meet. On this subject, I’d rather ask you if there is any particular topic that you’d like to see covered in PP, so that we can take it into consideration.

Morning Joseph - thank you for your answer - I will put together some details and reply back.

@Joseph I’ve just decided to work through all the learning notes in date order as a form of revision. That way I’m bound to pick up any of the unattached notes that I might have missed.

As a general comment, and to reinforce my earlier point, I suspect that the learning notes are an under utilised resource when looked at separately from the units and their exercises. Any tools to help manage a user’s interaction with them would be a great addition to the site in the future.

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Morning Jospeh,

These are topics that we it would be good to see Units on.
Indiciative and Conjunctive Compound Tenses: Pretérito Perfeito Composto & Pretérito Mais-Que-Perfeito Composto / Desde Que …simoe past + PPC
Futuro Imperfeito / Futuro do presente simples
Condicional Presente in more depth
Conditional Future Perferct
Indirect Speech
Passive Voice

If I have missed where they are, my apologies.

BTW A1 & A2 - amazing effort thank you - haven’t got as far as B1, B1 yet

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Thanks for these suggestions, @tony.white, as well as for your feedback! I will cross-check against our current list of content ideas and will add anything not yet covered in there, for future assessment.